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from Doug Campbell. 

The following products are available from the Online Ording Form on Doug's website: Wildland Fire Specialists.

The Campbell Prediction System Book, 2nd Edition


This book contains 142 pages of useful and tested information.

The Campbell Prediction System Course Workbook

Contains 55 pages of exercise material, consisting of questions, photos of fire and tactical exercise maps.

The CPS Language Book

A handy 13-page guide that contains pocket cards detailing wind shifts on Warm and cold fronts, the sundowner mechanics, type of fire and matching tactic, logic size-up and a thunderhead card.

CPS Solutions CD Set in PowerPoint

Set Includes 6 fires titles on one CD: South Canyon 1994, Initial Attack using CPS, 1966 Loop fire Hotshot crew burnover, Calabasas engine burnover, 30 mile fatality and Cerro Grande prescribed burn escape, Cramer Fire of 2003.