The Campbell Prediction System

Logic and Language for Fire Behavior Strategies and Tactics

The Campbell Prediction System (CPS) is a practical way to use on-scene fire behavior observations to determine fire behavior strategies and tactics. In CPS, the observed fire behavior becomes the baseline for fire behavior predictions. CPS teaches you how to predict where the potential fire behavior will likely exceed a suppression resources' threshold of control. Understanding where these thresholds are enables strategists to:

CPS has coupled scientific research with the knowledge of successful firefighters to explain fire behavior. In CPS, logic replaces intuition, thus promoting a rational development and explanation of tactics. Developing a strong case for acting on a fire's potential behavior—rather than acting soley its current behavior—would save many of the lives lost because firefighters had reacted too late to a change in behavior.

If people could explain what the potential of the fire is in their situation, fewer accidents would happen. The Campbell Prediction System provides the logic and language to do so.

Doug Campbell has written a wildland fire behavior book and training course based on 40 years of experience working with wildland fires. The Campbell Prediction System book outlines the practical and experienced based aspects of wildland fire management.

Doug’s goal is to develop instructors in fire agencies. These individuals will modify the course to meet their needs.