For Developers

The WMT source code repository is hosted on under the Wildfire Management Tool project.  This site contains a wiki and an issue tracker. You don't have to be a developer to help. Users can be invaluable by filing bug reports and feature requests. Please help.

Project Description

The Wildfire Management Tool project is extensible emergency management geomatics application featuring 3D virtual earth and GIS capabilities built from NetBeans, Terramenta, NASA World Wind, JFreeChart, Flamingo RibbonBar, and VisAD. This project aggregates the Campbell Prediction System with geomatics, weather and wildfire algorithms.


The Wildfire Management Tool is released under the BSD 3-Clause License.

Source Code and Build Instructions

The WMT project is a mavenized NetBeans 8 module suite using Java 8.  A fork of the Terramenta project provides the underlying NASA World Wind framework.  Building the project is a simple two step process:

  1. Checkout the Emxsys - Terramenta source code and build.
  2. Checkout the Wildfire Managmement Tool source code and build.

Earlier versions:

Previous versions of the WMT code can be found at the Emxsys project on and at the CPS project on Project Kenai.

Open Source Resources

The WMT software uses open-source libraries and code from NetBeans, Terramenta, NASA's WorldWind SDK, the VisAD Visualization library, and the JFreeChart.