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Emxsys is the home of the CPS Wildfire Management Tool (WMT), a software program that predicts the potential behavior of a wildland fire so that firefighting strategies can ensure the safety and effectiveness of firefighters. WMT is free!

WMT is developed by Bruce Schubert and it is based on The Campbell Prediction System (CPS) by Doug Campbell and augmented by Marc Castellnou. WMT merges the art of wildland firefighting and the science of fire behavior—it couples the language and logic of The Campbell Prediction System with the fire spread equations developed by Richard Rothermel.

Software Features  

The NASA World Wind Europa Challenge!

The Wildfire Management Tool has been entered into the NASA World Wind Europa Challenge! The WMT software is evolving with the help of the Pau Costa Foundation to show you animations of the wildfire's path through the terrain. WMT version 3.2 includes this exciting new feature.

This software introduces a new vision for analyzing and predicting wildfire behavior. Instead of presenting a static display, the software animates the paths that fire would take through the terrain via "comet trails". You can see a "highway of fire" where there is a high density or concentration of paths. Areas with slowing paths are good for safety and present "windows of opportunitiy" for breaking the highways.

The following slide deck was presented at the NASA World Wind Europa Challenge Summer School in Como, Italy, September 19-21, 2012. These slides will provide you with an overview of the Wildfire Management Tool and show you where the software can be extended.

For more information on how you can contribute to the Wildfire Management Tool or for insights on how you can leverage the Emergency Management Geomatics framework in your project, please contact Bruce Schubert.

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CPS Fuel Flammability CurvesAbout the Campbell Prediction System: a Wildland Fire Prediction and Communications System.

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